EcoSmart Electricians

EcoSmart Electricians

As certified eco-smart electricians we offer our clients advice on the latest energy and cost saving initiatives. We also provide a specialist design service that incorporates a balance between architectural, functionality and energy efficiency.

Examples of technologies we employ are:

  • Low energy lighting solutions with an emphasis on LED’s.
  • Motion sensor detection.
  • Timers for air conditioners and motor control.

All of these methods help reduce:

  • Carbon footprint.
  • Maintenance costs due to long life span provided by new technology.
  • Cost of power bills.

For many years Whinfield Electrics have adopted a policy to recycle remnants. We remove all redundant materials from worksites which are then recycled. All reusable equipment is donated to a community based shop. Metal, plastic, fluorescent tubes, light globes, batteries and cardboard are disposed of in the appropriate environmentally friendly manner.