Three phase event switchboard

Australian Made temporary site power enclosures suitable for use on all construction sites where temporary power is required.

  • Weather proof
  • Free-standing complete with lead stand + tie bar
  • 10 32A 5 Pin Supply lead + plug top
  • 1 Three phase 5 pin 32A outlet
  • 14 Single Phase 15Aoutlets
  • All outlets protected by RCD (Safety Switches)
  • Temporary Switchboard
  • Complies with AS/NZS 3012
  • IP54 protection rating

A range of metal enclosures designed specifically to be used on building sites where temporary power is required.

rent three phase event switchboard backrent three phase event switchboard closedrent three phase event switchboard open


Construction site switchboards should be bolted to the ground, all of our switchboards come standard with this ability. Be sure the temporary switchboard you use next construction job can handle this simple but important function.