Single phase site

Temporary electrical switchboards

  • Weatherproof
  • Free-standing complete with lead stand & tie bar
  • 10 Single phase 10A outlets
  • 2 Single phase 15A outlets
  • 1 Lighting Circuit
  • temporary switchboard
  • All outlet protected by RCD (Safety switches)
  • Complies with AS/NZS 3012
  • IP54 protection rating

Who is responsible for installing the right number and type of switchboards to suit the job is not commonly understood. This has resulted in widely varied standards of switchboards in use on construction sites. Depending on the awareness and budget of the builder, unsafe switchboards can result. Such switchboards may be a contributing factor in serious injuries or even work-related fatalities.


rent single phase switchboard closedrent single phase switchboard light attachedrent single phase switchboard openrent single phase switchboard side

Construction site switchboards should be bolted to the ground, all of our switchboards come standard with this ability. Be sure the temporary switchboard you use next construction job can handle this simple but important function.